Helpful Information & Resources for Patients

At Michigan Heart Group, we want every patient to feel that they come first. We strive to make your visits and communications with our office as personal, professional, and efficient as possible. Explore the patient information and resources below.

New Patients
We accept new patients for cardiac, vascular and electrophysiology consultation, diagnosis and treatment. Prior to your appointment, please obtain and forward copies of your medical records from your referring physician(s). You will be pre-registered over the phone. Please remember to bring your insurance cards with you to each visit.

New Patient Forms

The new patient forms are available for individual download from the list below.

If you are a new patient, you can download and complete these forms to save time at your first appointment.

When calling Michigan Heart Group to request prescriptions, refills or samples please listen to the message carefully and select the proper choice for prescriptions. You will reach an automated attendant that will walk you through your prescription requests.

To renew a prescription or request sample medications, call 248-267-5050 and select option #3. Or you may renew your prescription online through the patient portal. When possible, please request new prescriptions at the time of your office visit.

If you are on a medication that requires adjustments based on blood levels (i.e. Coumadin, Ticlid, or cholesterol lowering medications), please notify our nursing department when you have your blood drawn. They will contact you within three days of your blood draw to confirm any medication adjustments.

Calling Michigan Heart Group
When calling us, please listen to the message carefully. The automated attendant will answer your call quickly. You can enter your option at any time during the message, so you will be transferred to the appropriate person in a timely fashion. If you receive a voicemail, please leave a message and the person you are trying to reach will call you back. If you have a CALLER ID notification that Michigan Heart Group has called you, please disregard this, as we are unable to determine the origin of your call within our office. The MHG team member that called you will certainly try back at a later time. Our communications department is available from 8:30 am – 11:30 am and 12:30 pm – 4:30 pm. Calls made during our non-business hours will be referred to our answering service.
We see patients by appointment only. Patients can request an appointment online or call (248) 267-5050. If you must cancel an appointment, please give us 24 hours notice. There is a charge for some testing if we don’t have 24 hours notice. Please read all pre-testing instructions carefully. We will ask you to verify your insurance information and review personal information when you come in for your appointment. This is to protect you from incurring charges due to insufficient or old information. Please sign in each time you visit our office and the receptionist will ensure that you receive the proper paperwork.
Visiting Michigan Heart Group
When you visit Michigan Heart Group, we will do our best to schedule you with your primary cardiologist. However, if you need an appointment on short notice, it may be necessary to schedule you with a Michigan Heart Group Physician Extender who works in collaboration with your primary cardiologist. Our physicians, physician extenders and nurses work as a team. Our physician extenders have advanced education and experience in cardiac care. They enhance the care and service that we provide for our patients, by working closely with your physician. They may do a portion of your examination, review your test results with you, and discuss your medications and treatments.

Our cardiac nurses are available to take your questions by phone, and if necessary, put you in touch with one of our physicians. If you need urgent attention after office hours, or during weekends or holidays, you can contact our on-call cardiologist by dialing our answering service at 248-288-1885. For non-urgent matters, please call during normal business hours. Of course, if you are not sure of the nature of your problem, do not hesitate to call.

Medical Records
If you need to request copies of your medical records, we will ask you to complete a Medical Records Request Form. Please fill out the form completely, including specific materials needed, dates of service, your signature, and where you want the records sent. You can also request your medical records online by clicking here. If you have any questions,please contact our medical records office at 248-267-9062.

We believe our patients should take an active role in their health care. Always have access to a list of your current medications. We provide wallet cards for you to track your medications. We have educational materials available in the office and have books and videos available for loan to patients. Ask your nurse or medical assistant if you need assistance finding educational materials.

If you are an established Michigan Heart Group patient and you are experiencing complications, or if you need immediate assistance, please go directly to the Emergency Center at William Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak or Troy. Notify the hospital staff that you are a Michigan Heart Group patient and they will contact our doctor on call.
Payment and Insurance
For your convenience, you may pay by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. We appreciate your payment at the time of your office visit. We will give you an itemized statement for your records.

We participate with many insurance plans and will bill non-participating plans for you as a courtesy. However, health plans vary in what they cover. Therefore, we ask you to be aware of what your health plan covers, and your responsibilities for deductibles and co-payments. It is a good idea to call your insurance company prior to each visit to ensure that the services to be provided at our office are covered.

Please bring your insurance card with you to your appointment, and notify us if your insurance changes. If you belong to an HMO, you must have all necessary referral forms prior to your visit. Your treatment could be delayed or rescheduled without the appropriate forms.

Payment is expected at the time of service and we request that you clear your account of all unpaid charges upon receipt of your statement to avoid collection action. If you have financial difficulty with a large medical bill, please call our Billing Department at 248-267-9061 about developing a payment plan.

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