Michigan Heart Group: Providing expert, innovative treatment for coronary artery disease

Michigan Heart Group offers truly comprehensive management for patients with coronary artery disease. Patients with symptoms that suggest coronary artery disease are urged to consult with our physicians. We are currently involved in all the latest innovations in the management of this condition. We perform coronary angioplasty, stenting, intravascular ultrasound and atherectomy. For patients with heart failure the Michigan Heart Group offers a highly experienced team approach to this problem.

Angioplasty and Stenting
Angioplasty is a process to re-open or enlarge blood vessels that are closed or occluded. It may involve one of several techniques including expanding a small balloon in the vessel, injecting agents to dissolve clots, or inserting a metal device called a stent to keep the vessel open. Angioplasty can improve some of the symptoms of CAD, such as angina (chest pain) and shortness of breath. It also can reduce damage to the heart muscle from a heart attack and reduce the risk of death in some patients.

You may need angioplasty if medicines and lifestyle changes haven’t improved your symptoms of CAD. During angioplasty, a stent (wire mesh) is often placed in the artery that has been opened. The stent reduces the chance that the artery will become blocked again in the future. The stent remains in place after the procedure. Sometimes a special catheter is introduced which allows the MHG interventional cardiologist to visualize the inside of your coronary artery with ultrasound (IVUS).

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